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Advice on minimizing taxes in your retirement


How do the RRSP contribution carry forward rules work?

The rules around RRSP contribution room  As soon as a taxpayer starts to earn income—like employment income, self-employment income, royalties, research grants or net rental income—they accumulate room for their registered retirement savings plan...


Why contributing to a TFSA is a good resolution

Try to avoid putting U.S.-based dividend-paying stocks or ETFs in the TFSA. Instead,put those into your RRSP or your registered retirement income fund (RRIF). Canadian dividends and interest belong in TFSAs, as do speculative...

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How to do your taxes and beat procrastination

Why is getting motivated to do taxes so hard? It’s true—despite knowing we can avoid this stress by getting started earlier in the year, the majority of Canucks procrastinate hard on their tax returns....